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Fit 4 Life is a partnership between Telford and Wrekin Council and NHS Telford and Wrekin. It is an exercise referral scheme to promote a better health through physical activity.

If you have an underlying medical condition and your GP believes physical activity will help with any medical conditions you may have, they may refer to you to the scheme .

If your health/medical professional feels you will benefit from the health improvements listed below, you may be referred to the scheme.

You will work with experienced and qualified level 3 and 4 exercise specialists to safely improve your health over a 12 week exercise programme.

Being "more active, more often" can help reduce:

  • blood pressure and the risk of both heart disease and osteoporosis
  • control body weight
  • increase energy
  • improve stamina
  • strength
  • tone of muscles
  • confidence and posture
  • it can also reduce stress or depression.

There are a range of activities to choose from (dependent on your medical condition/s) these include…

  • Supervised gym sessions (tailored gym programme including cardiovascular, resistance and free weight exercises
  • Public and adult swimming sessions
  • Specific aqua aerobic sessions (as advertised on the Fit 4 Life timetable)
  • You will only pay for the activities at a concessionary rate for the duration of the 12 week programme (excluding public and adult swimming sessions).

    Assessments are FREE OF CHARGE (includes initial assessment, gym programme, 6 week programme review and 12 week re-assessment)

    Supervised gym only Session costs:

    • £50.50 - three month upfront payment
    • £15.50 - month by month direct debit
    • £4.60 - pay as you go gym

    Supervised Gym Sessions and Public and Adult Swimming:

    • £71.55 –three month upfront payment
    • £23.50 – month by month direct debit
    • £4.60 – pay as you go gym
    • £3.70 – pay as you go adult and public swimming sessions
    • £3.60 – pay as you go aquafit sessions

    Step 1

    Take the Fit for Life leaflet to your GP practice nurse or specialist nurse and discuss with them your interest in the scheme.

    The health professional will complete a referral form.

    Step 2

    Please telephone 01952 382621 to register for the scheme and book initial assessment.

    Step 3

    During the initial appointment the fitness consultant will discuss with you, your past medical history, present condition and what you would like to achieve. With your approval basic body measurements will be taken and an assessment of your current health and fitness levels will be recorded. The information will be used to measure your progress later on. (It may be that some, or none of the tests are performed).

    Step 4

    Our staff will then discuss suitable activities for you to access during your 12 week programme. Once you have completed the initial assessment you may access the activities as advised.

    When you have completed your programme we hope you will maintain your more active lifestyle by trying new activities or continuing with the ones you have been doing.

    A final report will then be sent to your GP (after your re-assessment appointment) and our staff will offer you advice on remaining active and signpost you to activity options

    tackle your health logo

    Telford and Wrekin Council, working in partnership with AFC Telford United, were originally commissioned by the NHS to deliver a project aimed at improving the health and well-being of the male population (aged 30 - 74) who live and work in Telford and Wrekin.

    Welcome to ‘Tackle your Health’ – for men 30 – 74 years old.

    ‘Tackle your Health’ officially launched on 20 January 2011 and is now starting it’s 5th year, its target, to help men adopt and sustain healthier lifestyles, encourage men into physical activity and raise their awareness of associated health issues.

    Supported by two qualified health trainers men who sign-up have FREE 1: 1 health checks and are offered advice/guidance and encouragement on ways to adopting a new healthier lifestyle, with regular reviews and support available.

    Following recommended tips and advice from the health trainers a lot of men have gone from being inactive to participating in regular activity with other lifestyle changes made resulting in for e.g. regular weight loss, lowered BMI, improved eating habits, alcohol units reduced with some clients stopping altogether and high blood pressures being reduced.

    For a small cost, ‘Tackle your Health’ also provide a range of activities for men to get involved in, these consist of Circuit-based Gym, Football ‘Kickabouts’, Walking Football, Cycling, Wheelchair Basketball, Running and Walking Basketball with others signposted to local activities as required.

    For more details about ‘Tackle your Health’ and to book your FREE HEALTH CHECK call us now on 01952 382620.

    The Tackle Your Health campaign is not all about exercise and diet. Watch the video to find out more about the project and how you can get involved.

    Start your action plan for fitness success today! Visit our website for more details.

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