Stage 4

Stage 4 is when students really begin to find their fins in our Swim4Life programme. This stage develops skills in buoyancy and travelling in the water unaided, further developing your child’s confidence in the pool.

The 30-minute sessions follow the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) National Plan for Teaching Swimming, meaning your child is developing the skills deemed suitable for a life-time of enjoyment in water.

Stage 4 achievements

Before moving onto Stage 5, the swimmers will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of buoyancy
  • perform a tuck float for 5 seconds
  • perform a sequence of changing shapes (minimum three) whilst floating at the surface
  • push and glide from the wall to the pool floor
  • kick 10 metres Backstroke, Front Crawl, Dolphin and Breaststroke (both on the back and front)
  • perform, on the back, a headfirst sculling action for five metres in a horizontal position
  • travel on the back and roll in one continuous movement onto the front
  • travel on the front and roll in one continuous movement onto the back
  • swim 25 metres, choice of stroke is optional.

The Swim4Life programme structure is ideal for children to improve their skills in the water. Find out more about the stages here:

Swim4Life Introduction

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