Customer notice: Coronavirus latest updates and guidance

During these difficult and uncertain times it is our top priority to protect and care for our residents, employees and customers. For the latest updates, please view more information.

Customer notice: Face Coverings

From Thursday 24 September 2020 we are asking our customers to wear face coverings in our centres at all times other than when actually taking part in physical activity.

We are asking that staff assist by reminding customers to wear face coverings. There are exemptions to who has to wear a face covering:

  • children under the age of 11 (Public Health England do not recommended face coverings for children under the age of 3 for health and safety reasons)
  • people who cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability
  • where putting on, wearing or removing a face covering will cause you severe distress
  • avoid harm or injury, or the risk of harm or injury, to yourself or others - including if it would negatively impact on your ability to exercise or participate in a strenuous activity.

Customer notice: Phoenix Sports and Leisure Centre re-opening from Monday 21 September 2020

The fitness suite, group exercise classes, sports hall and 3G pitch are re-opening at Phoenix Sports and Leisure Centre from Monday 21 September 2020.

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Horsehay Golf and Fitness Centre

Customer notice - Horsehay Village Golf Course will re-open Monday 18 May 2020

Anyone feeling unwell with symptoms potentially associated with the COVID-19 virus should NOT attend the site under any circumstances.

You are respectfully requested to adhere to these conditions at all times, as the process may be monitored to ensure we are complying with the restrictions.

Any abuse risks a reversal of our decision to allow play on the course.

Anyone not abiding by these guidelines will be asked to leave.

Please be aware of the following information before you arrive to play

  • 9 or 18 holes starting on the Wrekin side of the course are available.
  • You can book online with up to three other persons from outside your household providing you strictly observe social distancing and do not share equipment.
  • Play with members from the same household (maximum four) is permitted.
  • The course will be marshalled to see that the guidelines are being adhered to.
  • Players must change in the car park and have their equipment with them, to avoid gathering please do not leave your car until 5 minutes before your start time.
  • Clubhouse and locker room facilities will be closed.  Please not there will be no access to toilets.
  • There will be no first aid provision available.  Customers are advised that playing golf is at your own risk.  In the event of an emergency please call 999.
  • Practice putting green and the driving range are closed at the moment (although 1-1 tuition is available).
  • There are no trollies/buggies/clubs are available for hire.

During play

  • You must observe social distancing and keep 2 metres apart during round (especially teeing areas and putting greens).
  • DO NOT touch flagstick or hole cup/liner. Use your putter to lift the device (contactless ball extractor) upwards and the ball will roll automatically onto the green, then lower the device gently back into position.
  • Social golf only at the moment (no competitions)
  • All rakes have been removed from bunkers.
  • Ball washers are covered up and not available.
  • Please DO NOT touch benches.
  • Please DO NOT share equipment.

After your round

Social distancing is as important after the round as during so when your round is over please leave the club/facility immediately. Please do not congregate on the car park or in the vicinity of the club house.

Opening times

  • Monday to Friday between 9am and 7pm 
  • Saturday to Sunday between 9am and 5pm


The last bookable time for 9 holes is 1 hour 45 minutes prior to closing and 4 hour 30 minutes for 18 holes.


  • Adult - 9 holes
    • TLC - £10.90 weekday / £13.05 weekend
    • Concession TLC - £10.90 weekday / £13.05 weekend
    • None TLC - £13.55 weekday / £16.30 weekend
    • All golf memberships (direct debit and annual) £5 weekday and weekend
  • Junior - 9 holes
    • TLC - £5.45 weekday / £6.60 weekend
    • Concession TLC - £5.45 weekday / £6.60 weekend
    • None TLC - £7.65 weekday / £8.75 weekend
    • All golf memberships (direct debit and annual) £5 weekday and weekend
  • Adult - 18 holes
    • TLC - £15.60 weekday / £17.90 weekend
    • TLC none resident - £17.60 weekday / £20.05 weekend
    • None TLC - £19.55 weekday / £22.35 weekend
    • All golf memberships (direct debit and annual) £10 weekday and weekend
  • Direct debits
    • As the golf offer has now extended to its original capacity, regular users of the course will now have the option to unfreeze their direct debit or annual membership payments. Requests for this should be emailed to
    • Members can continue to leave their memberships frozen if they wish and continue to pay as you go for both 9 and 18 holes.

Book your golf slot online

For general enquiries please use our online contact form.

General enquiry form

Telephone: 01952 382639

Monday to Friday
Golf course: 7am - 9pm
Driving range: 10am - 10pm (last balls will be sold 30 minutes before close)
Aspirations gym: 7am - 10pm
19th Hole bar and restaurant: 10am - 4pm (food) - 10am - 9pm (bar)

Saturday to Sunday
Golf course: 7am - 8.30pm
Driving range: 9am - 8.30pm (last balls will be sold 30 minutes before close
Aspirations Gym: 7am - 8.30pm
19th Hole bar and restaurant: 10am - 4pm (food) - 10am - 6pm (bar)

Bank holiday opening hours

Horsehay Village Golf Club
Wellington Road

  • Floodlit driving range
  • 18 hole golf course
  • Putting green
  • 9 hole Footgolf
  • 19th Hole Bar and Restaurant (also cater for functions)
  • Adult and junior lessons are available
  • Competitions and official Handicaps are run by Horsehay Village Golf Club, memberships available for Adults and Juniors.


Our brand new state of the art 50 plus station fitness suite is now open.

The facility hosts a wide range of equipment including:

  • range of CV equipment
  • dumbbells up to 50 KG
  • smith machine
  • big iron half rack
  • bravo's 
  • functional fitness rig 

You don’t need to be a golfer to join, however our equipment provider CYBEX is supported by golfing legend - The Great White Shark Greg Norman.

The facility hosts a range of equipment which has been designed to enhance the specific physical attributes that lead to a smooth, efficient and powerful golf swing regardless of your age or golfing ability.

The great news is that our aspirations membership not only allows you to use our brand new fitness suite at Horsehay but will allow you to use our six other fitness suites, four swimming pools, two health suites and over one hundred fitness classes per week across our centres.

We also have discounted memberships available should you wish to take both an aspirations and a golf membership. See our membership options for further details.

Wrekin Side

Hole 1 - 286 yards

A short but uphill par 4 makes for a fairly straight forward start to the front 9, however a crop of trees on the right side of the fairway and bunker short of the green lurk ready to halt that dream start to the round.

Tip - play your tee shot left of the trees to give you one of the flattest lies on what is an undulating fairway.

Hole 2 - 384 yards

The 2nd presents a tougher challenge in the form of a long par 4 with a gentle dog leg right to left. The approach shot is tricky with a steep slope to the left and a bunker short right which are very much in play.

Tip - keep your drive to the right to avoid the ditch and bunker down the left edge of the fairway. A miss to the right of the green is the safest.

Hole 3 - 473 yards

Another gentle right to left hole which can be reached with two well struck shots, however with out of bounds running all the way down the left side and a well-bunkered green, par is always a good score.

Tip - a straight shot from the tee aimed towards the fairway marker pole on the 6th will keep you away from the trouble down the left.

Hole 4 - 309 yards

A short par 4 requires a simple tee shot to an ample fairway, grass bunker left and bunker right. The approach requires a little more care with the large greenside bunker left and the small staked hazard to the right of the green. This hole is at the furthest point of the course with panoramic views of the Wrekin.

Tip - ignore the pin positioning and hit your approach shot towards the centre of the green to avoid the large bunker left and hazard right.

Hole 5 - 200 yards 

A seemingly simple par 3 but don’t be fooled, depending on the breeze it will require anything from a short iron to a wood. The green is guarded by bunkers left and right with a large drop over the back down to the next tee.

Tip - take enough club to reach the front with a smooth swing watch the ball release up the green to eliminate the danger of going long.

Hole 6 - 328 yards

Not a long hole, but with a lateral hazard down the left and a large bunker short of the green means a precise tee shot is required. A sloping green leads to a difficult approach and some tricky putts.

Tip - play your approach short and allow for the ball to release onto the green and hopefully leaving you an easier putt.

Hole 7 - 142 yards

A short par 3 but with the landing area unsighted it still provides a test, the left to right slope throughout the hole makes it tricky to make a par.

Tip - play left and allow for a left to right bounce but the greenside bunker short left is waiting to catch you out if you stray too far

Hole 8 - 365 yards

One of the feature holes on the course and is part of a tough finish to the front 9. A fairway which slopes towards the green and with undulations to the right requires an arrow like tee shot to give a sight of the green. The approach fraught with danger to a green set well below the fairway making club selection tricky.

Tip - a tee shot down the left allows a possible sighting of the green and gives a better angle to avoid flirting with the bunker short of the green.

Hole 9 - 417 yards

The 9th is the final addition to this tough finishing stretch. A strong right to left dog leg with a large oak looming for a pulled tee shot left. A downhill approach to the green is guarded by bunkers left and right, this hole is fraught with danger and can be a real card destroyer.

Tip - a shot aimed at the pylon shaping right to left or a straight shot at the fairway marker pole will leave you with a sight of the green and a downhill approach that will run and run in the summer.

Telford Side

Hole 10 - 338 yards

A steady opening hole for you to begin your way into the back 9. Not long but an errant drive can see you out of bounds on the left or in the bunker on the right. The approach is into a 2 tier green with a bunker to the left side.

Tip - an iron from the tee to leave your ball short of the bunker avoids all trouble and leaves a short iron to the green.

Hole 11 - 384 yards S.I.14

A downhill dog leg from left to right with an demanding tee shot and narrow entry to the green makes this a tricky hole and par a great score.

Tip - an aggressive line slightly right of the marker pole will find you the best line into the green.

Hole 12 - 349 yards

This hole plays slightly up hill and invariably into the wind. It is a tough driving hole with an unsighted landing area and will require an arrow straight drive. The approach needs to avoid the greenside bunker left.

Tip - the green runs away from the middle so be careful not to over club on approach.

Hole 13 - 191 yards

A long and demanding par 3 with water short and bunkers left and right providing a great challenge.

Tip - for those who get a shot, lay up short of the water and play for a nett par. For those without a shot …
good luck!

Hole 14 - 385 yards

A slight right to left dog leg, requires another challenging drive with a big bunker to the right and long rough all down the left. The approach can also be intimidating especially if your left with a long iron or wood due to the large bunker to the right of the green.

Tip - a straight drive is crucial here to set up an easier approach which will release downhill from the front of the green.

Hole 15 - 335 yards

An arrow straight hole that usually plays downwind and is reachable for longer hitters. The hole is well bunkered with them shouldering both the fairway and green.

Tip - two iron shots avoiding the trouble is a sensible play and may even see a birdie or two.

Hole 16 - 422 yards

From an elevated tee it is important not to bite off more than you can chew on this sharp right to left dog leg with out of bounds running down the left side. Play too safe and away from the corner and you will find yourself a long way from the green. The approach must avoid two ditches and a deep bunker to find the putting surface.

Tip - a tee shot flirting with the bunkers or over them for the longer hitters will leave you a much shorter approach to the green.

Hole 17 - 185 yards

The signature hole of the course. A beautiful approach over a lake to a green sloping back to front guarded by two bunkers.

Tip - ensure you take enough club or your ball could get a bit wet.

Hole 18 - 481 yards  

The longest hole on the course is a test just to walk, but with out of bounds left and a lateral hazard down the right of the first half of a split fairway an accurate drive is needed. The second part of the fairway climbs uphill to the green with two bunkers looming in the lay-up area. When you finally arrive on the green some very difficult slopes await, making it a tough finish to the very end.

Tip - lay-up short of the bunkers and ensure enough club is used to reach the green above and avoid seeing the ball run back down to the fairway.

What's included?

  • large car park
  • unlimited use of the practice putting greens
  • 10% discount on buggy hire when booked in advance
  • competitions can be organised on request e.g. 'longest drive' or 'nearest the pin'

Optional extras:

  • 50 driving range balls - £1.50 per person
  • unlimited coffee/tea - £2.50 per person
  • meal flexibility - please ask for a quotation


£15 per person

This includes:

  • bacon roll, tea or coffee
  • 18 holes
  • prizes for nearest the pin and longest drive

We can tailor a package to suit your needs. Please contact the centre to discuss options on the number below. 

The minimum number of players required to qualify for the above packages is eight. To make a booking, please request one from the Golf Centre by phoning 01952 382639.

You can book a session online.

Book a session