10 by 10 - free swimming lessons

10 by 10 - funded swimming lessons

Picture of a group of young people having lots of fun with the word 10 by 10 in the centre of the children

What is 10 by 10

10 by 10 is a commitment to encourage children in Telford and Wrekin to take part in ten life enhancing activities by the time they reach the age of ten. Swimming is one of the ten activities being offered, to help ensure all young people have the opportunity to learn to swim. Visit the 10 by 10 website for more information about all the activities.

About 10 by 10 swimming lessons

Our 10 by 10 funded swimming lessons will run for two years (subject to a maximum of one thousand places per year) as part of the Council’s Swim4Life programme and will be available seven days a week at:

  • Abraham Darby Leisure Centre
  • Newport Swimming and Fitness Centre
  • Oakengates Leisure Centre
  • Wellington Civic and Leisure Centre.

There will be a swimming instructor and assistant with each group of children (maximum of ten children per class), so you don't need to be in the water with your child!

We aim to ensure our lessons are as inclusive as possible. However, we do offer lessons for children with disabilities or additional needs. Please contact your preferred swimming pool and ask to speak with the swimming lessons co-ordinator who will be able to advise you.

Who can apply?

10 by 10 funded swimming lessons are available to children (including multiple children from the same family) who live in Telford and Wrekin who meet all the following criteria:

  • children are between five and ten years of age
  • children are unable to swim ten meters on their front and back
  • children are not currently entrolled on the Swim4Life programme (stage one or above).

Please note do not register your child if they don't meet the above criteria as these lessons will not be suitable.

How many lessons are included?

Your child will be entitled to one free block of lessons. The actual number of lessons may vary depending upon the programme, with a maximum of thirteen lessons, typically one lesson a week.

To increase available spaces additional ‘crash’ courses may be offered as an alternative over the Easter and Summer holidays with lessons taking place daily. Places on these courses will be offered to those on the waiting lists.

How do I register?

Register for the 10 by 10 funded swimming lesson programme today!

If your child meets the criteria, get in touch with your preferred leisure centre, informing them of your preferred days!

If a space is available, the team will add your child to the Swim4Life programme. However, as places are limited it is likely that you will be added to a waiting list.

Register with all the leisure centres to be added to all four waiting lists and you will be contacted as soon as a space becomes available.

What options are available if your child does not meet the criteria?

Already a Swim4Life customer

It is great news that your child has started their learn to swim journey and we want to help support them on that journey as part of our 10 by 10 offer. Please see below:

Under 5's (Ducklings)

Children currently part of the Ducking programme (under 5’s lessons) who progress onto stage one classes will also qualify for a free block of lessons when they start stage one classes, as part of the 10 by 10 offer.

Under 10's

If you child is aged ten or under as of 1 October 2022 and part of our Swim4Life programme (excluding Ducklings) they will be entitled to a free month of lessons, either your direct debit payment will not be collected or your quarterly payment plan will be credited with four free lessons.