Health suites

Health suites

Using health suite facilities around your health and fitness activity can bring fantastic benefits to your wellbeing.

Why not consider visiting one of our sites and leave feeling invigorated, relaxed and rejuvenated?

Saunas and steam rooms provide a great way to unwind after a tough day or intense workout – but they can also offer health benefits including an increased blood flow, weight loss and skin cleansing.

Access to our two health suites is included in our Aspirations memberships or on a pay as you go basis.

Find out more about our health suite facilities at Oakengates Leisure Centre and Wellington Civic and Leisure Centre

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Did you know?

In Helskini, Finland, there is a ferris wheel with a gondola called the SkySauna – a dedicated sauna facility to relax and enjoy the scenery.

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Healthy benefits

Saunas and steam rooms help to:

  • increase metabolism
  • reduce pain
  • improve cardiovascular function
  • improve sleep
  • reduce stress.

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