The Swim4Life Ducklings stage is perfect for first-time swimmers that are aged 3 - 5 years old and are capable of following instructions.

This class stage encourages children to move in the water independently in smaller groups, all while under the close supervision of our trained instructors.

Duckling swimmers can use buoyancy aids, such as woggles and shark fins, as they work through this stage while they get used to the water and learn to float.

Ducklings achievements

There are four grades in the Ducklings stage to be achieved before moving on to Level 1.

By the end of the final Ducklings grade, the swimmers will be able to:

  • jump into the water
  • submerge
  • float
  • swim five metres without aids.

The Swim4Life programme structure is perfect for a first-time swimmer, or a student looking to improve their confidence in the water. Find out more about the stages here:

Swim4Life Introduction

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