Stage 6

Stage 6 is the penultimate level in our Swim4Life programme, meaning your child is now developing advanced water skills.

In this stage, students will swim further in four different strokes and develop water safety skills, including basic rescue.

There’s certainly no need for armbands anymore!

Stage 6 achievements

Before moving onto Stage 7, the swimmers will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of preparation for exercise
  • sink, push off on the side from the wall, glide, kick and rotate into Backstroke and also into Front Crawl
  • swim 10 metres with clothes on
  • swim Front Crawl, and Breaststroke to include at least six rhythmical breaths
  • swim Butterfly to include at least three rhythmical breaths
  • perform a ‘shout and signal’ rescue
  • perform a surface dive
  • exit the water without using steps
  • swim 100 metres choice of stroke is optional.

The Swim4Life programme structure is ideal for children to improve their skills in the water. Find out more about the stages here:

Swim4Life Introduction

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