Stage 7

Stage 7 is the final Swim4Life programme stage, meaning your child will be fully competent in a range of skills by the end of this level.

This level develops individual and group movement in the water skills, and children will be able to swim at least 200 meters.

It doesn’t mean your child’s learning in the water needs to stop there, though. We still have lifeguard and lifesaving courses available for those looking to develop their ability further.

Stage 7 achievements

By the end of this stage, the swimmers will be able to:

  • swim 25 metres Backstroke, Front Crawl, Breaststroke and Butterfly (to ASA standard)
  • perform a movement sequence of one minute duration, in a group of three or more, incorporating a number of skills
  • perform a sitting dive
  • swim 50 metres continuously using one stroke
  • swim 100 metres, using three different strokes
  • tread water using eggbeater action for 30 seconds
  • complete an obstacle course (using minimum of four objects) with feet off the bottom throughout
  • swim 200 meters choice of stroke optional.

The Swim4Life programme structure is ideal for children to improve their skills in the water. Find out more about the stages here:

Swim4Life Introduction

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